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Track Past Submissions

FSQM Pro keeps all submissions safe under database. Unlike many other form management solutions, it not only gives you a way to receive emails, but also keeps the submission so that you and your users can view it later.

For each of the submission a unique trackback code is generated. As the administrator, you can always view it from the backend. However, the unique link can also be sent to your users automatically via the email. Here is a sample.

View it now

Notification Emails

When someone submits a form, you can control what notification the user will get. You can even attach the submission data to the email. The same option is also available for administrators who wish to get notification emails upon submission.

But wait, there are more you can do with the email. You can directly change the HTML and put lots of format strings to make it even cooler. Our online documentation includes a comprehensive article for this. You can read more about it from the link below.

Sending Notification Emails to Users

Smart File Uploader


Complete Administration

FSQM Pro comes with a full featured admin panel. For your convenience it is split into 8 sections:

  • Dashboard: A quick glance over what exactly is happening.
  • View all Forms: Lists all forms you have created.
  • New Form: Create a new form.
  • Import/Export Forms: Generate codes to share among your sites and/or friends.
  • Report & Analysis: Advanced analytical tools to generate reports and view statistics.
  • View a Submission: View/Edit submission based on submission ID or by selecting one.
  • View all Submissions: Lists all submissions for all your forms.
  • Settings: FSQM Pro settings.

For more detailed information on the admin panel, please refer to our documentation.

Plugin Menu & Pages

Inbuilt Shortcode Generator

FSQM Pro forms works by inserting shortcodes into posts/pages or any other custom post types. We understand that inserting shortcodes manually and editing their attributes can be a pain. So we have implemented an editor button using which you can easily insert shortcodes and edit the attributes on the fly. Give our admin demo a shot! It is smooth.

Score Based Ranking System

You can do more with MCQs than just generating automated scores. Say you have a situation where you’d like to assign designation to your users based on the score they’ve obtained. For example:

  • Score 100% – 91%: Ninja
  • Score 90% – 81%: Pro
  • and so on…

In such case you can easily make system where you’d just enter the score percentage range and designation. By the way, you do not necessarily have to call the system “Ranking” or “Designation”. You can say something cooler, like “Your brain resembles – an ancient greek goddess”. Awesome, isn’t it? How about giving this form a try and see for yourself?


The power of HTML

HTML is supported almost everywhere in FSQM Pro. So if you have knowledge of HTML you can easily put that use. For example:

  • You can put images as option labels.
  • You can format text and write stuff like H2O.
  • Embed audio and video.

And much more. The possibilities are limitless.

30+ Themes

We have rolled a total of 31 themes and packed them for FREE with FSQM Pro. With the variety of color schemes, it is very likely that you will find what you need for your website.

If you know your way around CSS, then it gets even better. You can add localized CSS to every form you create with FSQM. Simply click on the Form Theme, select a theme and enter your customization code, it is that simple.

AJAX Submission

FSQM Pro is powered with AJAX. It not means your users will feel comfortable by avoiding page reloads, but also your server will be happy too, processing just the information needed.


Intuitive Form Builder

With our state of the art form builder, you have complete control over the layout of your form. Mix up any elements you want, in any order you want. Add any number of tabs or pages and put any number of elements inside them.

Here are some screenshots of the form builder:

You can also try the admin demo.

Try out Online Demo

Tight Security

With both server side and client side validations, security, on itself is almost unbreakable (We are being modest here). Additionally you can put simple math challenge where two random numbers will be generated. Take a look:


You may wonder why we didn’t use anything superior like reCaptcha. Well we did not, because it irritates users. Automated spambots will be blocked anyway because it would need javascript to submit a form. So why bother?

User Management

FSQM Pro automatically integrates with your WordPress users. If a logged in user is giving a survey, then First Name, Last Name and/or email fields will be populated automatically. The submission will also get linked to the user account.

User Management 2 User Management 3 User Management

Submission Control – Limit by IP, Email & Account

FSQM Pro gives you total control over submission limitations. There might be cases where you wouldn’t want a user to submit more than once. In such situations you are presented with three whole options:

  • Limit submissions by Email Address.
  • Limit submissions by IP Address.
  • Limit submission by User Account.
  • Allow only logged in users to submit.

Use the option you want or even combine them to achieve maximum security.

Comprehensive Documentation

FSQM Pro comes with a comprehensive documentation. We have already provided inline help with almost every item. Just look for the symbol. If that is not enough, then don’t worry. We have you covered.

Our online documentation includes (but not limited to)

  • Video Tutorials: If you do not have the time and energy to go through the comprehensive guide, then go through this video tutorial series (available in HD). It will help you quickly understand the working of the system and dive right in.
  • Common Tutorials: Common how tos and tutorials related to FSQM Pro. You will find most of your queries answered here and we will often update it from the latest questions asked from the support forum.
  • Installation & Updation: Learn how to install or update FSQM Pro plugin in your WordPress setup. You will find guides related to normal installation, multisite installation, FTP installation and also update procedures.
  • Plugin Menu & Pages: Learn about admin menu and pages associated with FSQM Pro and their functionality and purpose.
  • Primary Setup: First time setup with FSQM Pro. Learn about Trackback Page, User Portal and other application settings.
  • Working with Form Builder: Everything related to the form builder of FSQM pro. Learn how to properly use it and understand its different components.
  • Shortcode Generator: FSQM Pro comes with a handy shortcode generator. It means you will never need to copy paste or write your own shortcodes. Learn how to use it with your WordPress editor and embed forms, reports etc on pages or posts or even custom posts.
  • Conditional Logic: Learn how you can show/hide fields based on conditional logic. Creating advanced and interactive forms has never been made easier.
  • Managing Submissions: Learn how to effectively manage the submissions made to your form. Everything is saved in a database. You can edit them, send notification emails and so many other things.
  • User Management: FSQM Pro integrates smartly with WordPress user system. This enables you to give some “extra features” to your registered users, like checking their old submissions, tracking changes, checking scores etc. Learn how to setup the User Portal.
  • Report & Analysis: FSQM Pro gives you an effective platform to seamlessly generate reports for submissions made to individual forms. Learn how to use this feature to quickly analyse the data.
  • Troubleshooting: Help for most common problems and their solutions regarding FSQM Pro plugin.
  • Plugin API: FSQM Pro comes with a handful of Application Programming Interface (API). All of them are nothing but hooks and filters inherited from WordPress itself. If you are a developer and would like to extend the functionality, then this is where you can learn from.
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Exporter Addon – Export Reports in CSV, XLSX, XLS, PDF with charts

You can even take the data offline with the help of the exporter addon. The following download formats are available.

Sample XLSXMicrosoft Office Open XML Format Spreadsheet

Sample PDFPortable Document Format

Sample XLSWorksheet

Sample HTMLHypertext Markup Language

Sample CSVComma Separated Values

Sample PDF SubmissionPortable Document Format

Users editing submission

You can setup a form and give ability to users to edit their submission. You can either let the users edit their form forever or set a time limit. Give the following form a try.


PS: You need to be logged in to see this feature. Username: demo, Password: demo

Once you’ve submitted the form, you will need to use the User Portal to find the edit link. Additionally it will also be mailed to you.

Column Nesting


Social Sharing on Form Submit


Form with LaTeX


Mathematical Evaluator

Evaluate complex formula and estimate cost. More complex examples can be found here and here.


Rich Media Embed


Sliders and Spinners


Star and Scale Ratings


Smart Collapsible Containers


Sortable Choices


Live GPS Tracker with HTML5


Thumbnail Selector


Smileys and Likes