Conditional Logic


Score Based Ranking System

You can do more with MCQs than just generating automated scores. Say you have a situation where you’d like to assign designation to your users based on the score they’ve obtained. For example:

  • Score 100% – 91%: Ninja
  • Score 90% – 81%: Pro
  • and so on…

In such case you can easily make system where you’d just enter the score percentage range and designation. By the way, you do not necessarily have to call the system “Ranking” or “Designation”. You can say something cooler, like “Your brain resembles – an ancient greek goddess”. Awesome, isn’t it? How about giving this form a try and see for yourself?


Form with LaTeX and HTML


Mathematical Evaluator

Evaluate complex formula and estimate cost. More complex examples can be found here and here.


Payment System with PayPal and Stripe


Reports & Analysis

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Intuitive Form Builder

With our state of the art form builder, you have complete control over the layout of your form. Mix up any elements you want, in any order you want. Add any number of tabs or pages and put any number of elements inside them.

Here are some videos of the form builder:

You can also try the admin demo.

Try out Online Demo

Signature Pad


Notification Emails

smallWhen someone submits a form, you can control what notification the user will get. You can even attach the submission data to the email. The same option is also available for administrators who wish to get notification emails upon submission.

But wait, there are more you can do with the email. You can directly change the HTML and put lots of format strings to make it even cooler. Our online documentation includes a comprehensive article for this. You can read more about it from the link below.

Sending Notification Emails to Users

User & Submission Management

FSQM Pro comes with a very strong administrator backend to manage your submissions and users. As an administrator you can

  • View/Edit past submissions for every form.
  • Filter submission with respect to form, date, category, referer, URL tracking etc.
  • Bulk manage submissions.
  • Write administrative comments on submissions and send out custom notification emails.
  • Assign scores to free-type questionnaires of any form submission.

All of the submissions are stored in the database. This gives you the ultimate control over the data you have collected.

User Portal

FSQM Pro automatically integrates with your WordPress users. If a logged in user is giving a survey, then First Name, Last Name and/or email fields will be populated automatically. The submission will also get linked to the user account.

Apart from this, your users also has the capability to

  • Manage all their submissions from a central portal page.
  • Edit the submission if you allow it.

Here is a sample of user portal. Just login to see what it looks like.

Username: demo | Password: demo


Column Nesting


Users editing submission


You can setup a form and give ability to users to edit their submission. You can either let the users edit their form forever or set a time limit.